Great Vault and Add to my Bag

Snapshot: a0894d69ea2f48528361d9ba211c8b18

I have a 421 chest in my vault. I have the catalyst option selected, and it shows as a -0.52% downgrade over my current 408 tier chest. This also happens when adding the 421 chest to Add to my Bag.

I know it’s not the piece I want eventually since the stats are bad, but the primary stat should still make it worth it especially since it’s the same piece.

The issue is some difficulties with the fact that you have enchants set to None, but you have all of your current gear enchanted, so items tested with the upgrade finder aren’t able to match your enchanted existing gear.

I’ll see if we can put in some kind of test for that… e.g. allow the upgrade finder to at least use any enchant that it already sees on your existing gear perhaps… will have to think about it.

Oh, strange, I figured I had missed something - I don’t remember changing it to none but I must have at some point. Not sure the best solution on your end but I certainly want at least some enchants so that fixes it for me. Maybe just some sort of warning somewhere when this happens would work.