Great Vault evaluation

I see the SimulationCraft is offering the ability to evaluate gear available in the Great Vault prior to choosing it. Will AMR do the same?

More broadly speaking, will there ever be an opportunity to manually enter an item’s ID and have it speculatively considered for optimization inclusion?

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Technicaly it’s already available.
From the top row (dedicated to raid loot), you go in the upgrade finder and have “raid loot”.
Then, second row, you can go in MM+10 vault (if you did a 10)
And so on.

I’ve heart that AMR will probably do something but not for the first “vault”. Mostlikely it will be for next or the one after that.

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Yes, we are working on something specifically for the great vault. Ideally I’d like to see it once before we release the final version though, make sure it tracks well with how the game is presenting it.