Great Vault ignores weapon - Timetwister Tulwar

I’m attempting to see if a weapon is a potential upgrade, seeing as it is a 304 ilvl compared to my 285 staff but it is not even showing up in the results.

I’ve also tried the ‘Add to Bags’ and specifically adding an offhand to my ‘bags’ to see if that would be the issue, but it does not show up there either

You can see the results here

(I’d have embedded the images, but alas the forums does not allow me to do so)

Could you provide a snapshot so that we can try to reproduce your case? Press the “help” link next to the big Upgrade Finder section header, then create support post, and copy the generated snapshot id here.


I can look into it a bit more, but I think the issue is that you have no off-hand in your inventory to pair with a 1-handed weapon.

The “add to bags” doesn’t add every item in the list at once and optimize, it does them one-by-one, which answers a more common question that people have.

Dealing with weapon combos for casters is always a bit tough… your case is actually a bit of an edge case, since people typically have at least something close to the appropriate item level to pair with the 1-hander. Is there any item you can pick up relatively easily to get around this issue in the short term while I look at ways to make it more robust to this edge case?

I have no doubt that the weapon is in fact the best thing to grab regardless, since the gloves (next best choice) is just a straight upgrade that I can get with any gloves I happen to grab. So I will grab the weapon as the reward anyway.

I kinda just came back after 1.5 years of not playing so I have nothing currently to enable an off-hand, I guess I will be running Tazavesh a lot