Great Vault - Is Hide Downgrades check broken?

I have 3 items in the vault and all 3 show up under Step 3, however when I press “Find Upgrades” only 2 of the items are shown. I’m thinking maybe its not showing the 3rd item as it might be a downgrade but if I toggle the Hide Downgrades button, it doesn’t make a difference and still doesn’t show the 3rd option.

Let me know if you need anymore details. Love the tool! I wouldn’t know what to do without AMR! Best… money… spent… ever!

If you press the “help” link next to the big “Upgrade Finder” section header, then press Create Support Post, and copy the generated snapshot ID in a reply here, we can try your exact case and see what’s up.

Here you go! Thanks so much for the help! You guys rock!


Actually one other thing since you are in there anyways. It shows a 226 “Darkmoon Deck: Voracity” as Best in Slot and lists it as a zone Drop from Castle Nath and from Inscription. I think that’s a bug as you can’t upgrade those decks past the original 200 made by Inscription I believe. I could be COMPLETELY wrong though :wink:

Yeah I’ll fix that in the next update – the drop location code added a wrong source to those items accidentally.

I’ll have to think about this one a little bit… the issue is that you have a neck item locked in your BiB setup, so it can’t rank the neck from the vault… you aren’t allowing it to be equipped.

For the great vault (and similar) searches… we might need to ignore locked items to give a proper ranking. I’ll think on that…

Ahh that’s it! I removed the block and it came right up! Thanks so much! Yah that’s not an easy one as do you list the difference from the locked item or the BiB item. In this case its a .6 increase from my locked item but only a .02 upgrade from my BiB item.

Thanks again for all the help!!! You guys are amazing!

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