Great Vault Off Hand Weapon


In my vault, I have the option to take an “Infused Stormglaives”. I currently have one equipped in the Main Hand, and a 372 weapon in the Off Hand slot but it shows as a 0% upgrade to the Main Hand and is marked as owned. This item is not unique as far as I can tell, and I’d imagine it is an upgrade for my Off Hand. I also tried doing Add to my Bag and got the same results.

I’ll take a look… in this case I believe it actually is not an upgrade, and zero is the appropriate score (if using 2 of them would be a downgrade, the best score with a new one would be… to replace your old one!)

The display of mh vs. oh in the results is technically correct… it’s showing the hand you would put it in to get the best score with that item… but people would probably want to see that putting it in the off-hand is a downgrade… I’ll see if we can tweak that or not.

Really though, everyone should sign a petition to get rid of the 2nd weapon slot in WoW. That would take care of this nicely.

I guess it’s possible the Off Hand weapon damage matters so little that the (what I assume are) better secondary stats outweigh the 10 item level gain (which seems crazy to me but the math is the math).

I wonder if you could show both options in those situations (I can imagine trinkets might have the same problem). Like, the Main Hand row as it is, and an Off Hand row that is like, -0.5% or whatever. I think this is what you are suggesting anyway.

As for the second weapon slot, everyone I pitch it to says they’d rather go to the Legion system and have weapon relics instead. Which sounds awful! Why make it more complicated???

Yeah I’m a bit surprised that the ilvl gain didn’t push it above the other weapon, but on the other hand (ha!) off-hand weapon damage is very inconsequential for DH. I think every special attack uses main-hand damage.

I’ll look into alternate ways to display that it in fact did test both weapon slots.

The relics were a decent hack of the system for Legion… but yeah, why hack it? Just make all weapons have the stat budget of a 2-handed weapon. One-handers visually (and mechanically) equip a duplicate in the off-hand, beef up the transmog system for dual-wielding appearances, DONE.

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