Great Vault UF - hanging / no response from "Find Upgrades"

shapshot: d78217b8fa654296986b8b88cf5d1ff0

Hey y’all - I’m using the v96 addon and trying to do the Great Vault upgrade. AMR recognizes that I have three upgrades, but when I click “Find Upgrades” on the right, it does a quick spin wheel and then comes right back to this screen.

One of the items is Thaumaturgic Anima Bead, which you exchange for a shield/offhand at a Covenant vendor. Is this throwing it off, maybe?

I’ll try it out.

The tokens present a challenge… I don’t think that I have anything in there to turn them into the items that they create. I’ll have to give that some thought.

I don’t have a token, but I’m having the same issue where it won’t export / import my Great Vault choices.

Could you post a snapshot? Press the “help” link next to the big Upgrade Finder section header, then Create Support Post, and copy the generated snapshot ID here.

I think the issue for mine is that I’m on version 95. I’m using WoWUp for addons instead of Curse forge and it may not have the latest version. I’ll update and follow up.

Same issue as OP here. I also got a token this week.

Yeah the weapon tokens are causing an issue – I’m working on a fix, should have an update sometime today.

Your case is actually extra difficult… your token is for an off-hand or shield, but you don’t own any one-handed weapons, so it’s very difficult to give it a ranking. The token will essentially not rank until you acquire a one-hander to pair with it.

I posted an update that should fix this – I may play around with how tokens are handled a bit more… but for now it is showing each potential item it can buy in the ranked list.

Yeah, Great Vault really gave me the business this week with choices - kind of a whammy. Appreciate you taking a look, thanks a lot!