Great Vault - Unbound Changeling

Hi ! I know i’m annoying sorry… you probably have a lot to do…

Before i forget : 23c5746eb0f84dfa8a22fe3780e3ffea

So i have in my vault the trinket Unbound Changeling ranked as “Not an upgrade”.

So i double look because QElive and other MW seems to like a lot this trinket (possibly because it’s not an active one ?)
Here are the sims of “some” trinket to compare. Simulation - Report (

Unbound Changeling is all over the place. So i guess… it’s within the margins of error ? (and also the changing stats ? but i can see a mastery on the top, and on the bottom so…)

Current gear : Simulation - Report (

With Unbound Changeling (crit): Simulation - Report (

Could you enlightened me please ?
I also have a staff beeing 1,34% upgrade but… seems in the same “range” as the Unbound Changeling…

Trinkets… ug.

As you know, healing simulations are more volatile, so it’s harder to get the optimizer to exactly match all simulation results you can do. The score for unbound changeling does look a bit too low compared to simulations for your character. I’d have to do some digging to see if that trend holds true across all builds/characters or not.

I am surprised that unbound changeling is a favored trinket by other sources, though. A random crit proc seems less reliable than an extra heal on low health allies (when comparing to silver bell). I’d pick the weapon over that trinket any day, personally.

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Thank you for your light !

I’ll take a look… that trinket is a pain because it has the 4 versions. I believe it will rank whatever version gets loaded from the vault, in this case the Haste proc.

Dont worry i took the weapon !