Great Vault upgrade finder says i already own gear regardless of ilvl


When i input the data from my GV and look for upgrades on the site it will only tell me about upgrades on unique pieces of gear, if i already have the gear it will only say “owned”

For example, i have
Stormwing Harrier’s Greaves at 496 but when i look for an upgrade in the GV that includes the catalyst it wont give me a percentage of upgrade even though the new pants are much higher in ilvl

In your Great Vault search, you have capped the upgrade level at 515. You could upgrade your current legs to 515, so the Great Vault reward would result in an item you already own (or could get via an item that you already own).

If you increase the Upgrade Level setting on your Great Vault search to a higher item level, say 525, you will see that it is now an upgrade.