Great Vault Upgrade Item Level 606?

Snapshot ID: 68c3229be8fc4623abcca143f46f6574

Just logged in and opened my vault. Ran it through AMR and got some… mysterious results. If I set the upgrade level to 376, everything appears to be OK. There are 6 items in my vault and AMR lists 7 items, but one of them is a catalyst conversion. That seems pretty reasonable.

Then I increase the upgrade level to 441 and that’s where things go off the rails. It only displays 2 items, and one of them is listed at ilvl 606. Needless to say, I think this is a bug. I WISH I could upgrade to ilvl 606, but it doesn’t seem likely any time soon. :panda_face:


I’ll take a look – seems like something didn’t quite work with the code to create catalyst versions of items with the new item upgrading system. It’s a bit tricky since you can make “weird” versions of the set items depending on the source item.

I have experienced the same issue. I wish I could get an item at that iLvL. LoL

We just posted an update that should resolve this issue.