Great Vault upgrade recommendations are broken

The items listed in my great vault are Reanimators Mantle (207), Slippers of Levened Station (210), Cowled Batwing Cloak (200) and Abominable Anima Spheral (200). When I use “Find Upgrades” and select “Great Vault”, all 4 show correctly. But then I hit the “Find Upgrades” button and 3 completely different items show up. Help, please! I am a subscriber, if it matters.

Oh here is the snapshot: ecb99bcd8c484f4f90169c8d86b7be09

OMG. So embarrased. The anima spheral is for a weapon exchange. I get it now. So sorry to bother you!

No problem – it is on my list to put an indicator in the results of which items come from the weapon tokens, just haven’t gotten to it yet.