Green quest reward comparison?

Is there any way to add green items using Upgrade Finder’s “Add to my Bag” feature in TBC? I pay for regular AMR and was trying to figure out how useful TBC would be, and it seemed to allow me access for a few days without even clicking free trial. During this time I tried adding potential green/uncommon quest rewards, and wasn’t able to (only rare or above showed up in the search there). So I’m wondering if there is any other way to compare a potential quest reward to what I’m wearing and determine whether I should take the usable item or the highest vendor value? I feel like that in addition to comparing items already in my bags, that would be the most common use case for me so I would appreciate knowing if this is possible and I just haven’t found it yet.

Thank you!

We still have the optimizer designed mainly around max level characters. The item list that we have available is culled down to end-game relevant items. This is necessary to keep the optimizer from getting too slow, since the optimizer works a lot differently under the hood compared to retail.

If you have a low level item in your bag, it will of course test it out compared to your other gear. The difference in items while leveling is so very, very small in TBC that we didn’t think it was worth spending much time on “optimizing”.

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Makes sense, thanks for the reply!