Gri'lek's Carver (how does the ap equip work exactly?)

I’ve been running BWL on my MM hunter in classic and now wanted to make use of this 2hander. It gives a large amount of attack power against dragonkin. However, there are a couple things I need to know about it that I can’t clarify anywhere else. Does it apply to ranged AP or is it solely melee AP?

If it’s ranged also then it’s worth keeping equipped. If its just melee, then its primarily good for melee weaving and not much else. So my intent if its just melee AP is to macro the weapon swap into my raptor strike so that when I go to melee weave, it will change in combat and work against the boss. Then I swap back to my stat sticks and continue my ranged attacks. Is this viable? I don’t exactly know how that equip kicks in. Does the extra ap always work like that against the target or does it apply after you strike the target once then the ap continues to work against it? I guess I think too much into the code behind it but mainly, is the strategy I mentioned the best way to use this or is there a better way… or should I not use it at all? Thank you I’d appreciate any advice and clarification.

WoW calculates Attack Power for each attack independently, i.e. if you have that axe equipped, every attack against a Dragonkin will include the additional attack power.

If something says “Attack Power” that generally means both melee and ranged Attack Power. The only exception for that are buffs where you need to look it up to know exactly, i.e. Fengus’ Ferocity from Dire Maul only includes melee Attack Power as you can see in the spell details on Wowhead while Trueshot Aura includes both melee and ranged attack power.

Thank you for your response. That’s very good to know that it calculates those types of things independently. Since it applies to range, I shouldn’t have to bother swapping or remove it at all. Some comments on Reddit made it seem like it was melee only or were uncertain. There’s also comments out there like “it’s great if your melee weaving” but if it works for melee and ranged ap then it should be good regardless.