Grove Tending vs Clockwork Heart at Druid

Why askmrrobot says thats better to wear 420 chest with Clokwork Heart than 460 with Grove Tending for Mythic+?

I’d have to see your specific example to answer this. If you click the “Help” link next to the section header (Best in Bags, Best in Slot, etc) you can use the “Create Support Post” button to generate an id. If you post that here we can see exactly what you are seeing!

In general, we rank Grove Tending very low. Swiftmend itself is a weird spell in that you don’t really get an increase in healing output from using it. It can be useful to save someone in a pinch, but it is always better to keep people’s health higher with your other spells. An azerite trait that chases a weak spell with a weak HoT just doesn’t add up to strong throughput when you do the math.

I’ve been saying all xpac that Swiftmend should heal for more!