Guardian a molten dumpster fire

The recommendations on Guardian are horrible right now, wrong traits, telling me I need less haste but at the same time recommending haste enchants etc. I just gotta walk away at this point…

We do have a revision of tank strategies coming soon. Tank gearing is a lot different than DPS - it can be a bit all over the place because of how the traits are budgeted on the items. We’re going to smooth it out to avoid some of the weirdness.

As far as the stat graph saying that you should get less haste, but then using haste enchants - that can happen. TLDR: Chances are that if you get gear with less haste, that will be better for you. But, right now you are sitting in a local maximum where some more haste is better.

The optimizer picks the best gear for you right now with what you have available. The stat graph is for people who want an idea of what stats on an item will most likely lead to an upgrade - it tells you what stats will most likely lead to upgrades. The optimizer handles the non-linear nature of stats on gear very well, but lots of times people just want to know “what stats to get” - we can’t tell you for sure, but we can make an educated guess.