Guardian Druid BiS - Joihn Mac says you can nor be serious!

ok so futher to my post regarding optimization i thought lets see what is now BiS - beariing in mind i only raid heroic and ToS is not open i unclicked all mythic modes and all Tos so it filters on all hc up to and including nighthold - it now tells me that mmy BiS consists of the two legendaries i am cueently wearing no the 2 it recommended in BiB above and some tier and then crafted gear 8/10 obliterated wwhich apparently means they are 890 - so no point in heroic raidng once you get tier as crafted is better? - i did not set warforged or anything so as to reduce the number of variables but did in deed run BiB prior to BiS - comeents and clarification neeeded please maybe i am just being dumb and missing something but it seemd to not like anything other than stst sticks and then it seems to ignore tertiaries or assign them vey little value


PS my typing deteriorates as my blood presssure and frustration increases

Deep breaths!

We’re still working on the gear rankings for tanks. It will be fixed up in the coming days as we continue to work out the bugs with all the new rankings.

Like I mentioned in the other thread, optimizing gear for tanks is much more difficult than DPS. We’re on it, and will have updates coming regularly.