"Guardian" Druid possible problem

“Upgrade Finder” is showing Unyielding Maul at the top of the list with a +2.67%

However, when I do “Best in Slot”…the mace doesn’t even show up at all. I see that Manual Crowd Pummeler is the best weapon (assuming for using it and then swapping)…next up beside the MCP is Warden Staff. Warden Staff doesn’t even show up on the “Upgrade Finder”.

What’s going on here?


The upgrade finder does specific searches from specific places/activities. Warden Staff is a world drop, so won’t show up under e.g. a “Dungeon” upgrade finder search.

I don’t know why the Unyielding Maul isn’t showing in the weapon list on best in slot… I’ll look at that, maybe some filtering issue going on there.

Gotcha, thank you sir!

The reason it isn’t showing up in the best in slot list is that your character is not level 60 – those lists are filtered by required level. The upgrade finder list doesn’t hide things based on required level right now… it is really meant as a tool for max-level characters.

Ah ok that makes perfect sense. Thank you for taking time to answer my question! I appreciate it!