Guardian Main, needing to gear feral offspec

Having an issue right now when trying to gear my feral offspec and it’s that, essentially, Mr.Robot doesn’t see that I’m doing this, it only looks to gear my feral spec as if it’s my main spec. This is an issue as it is using my tanking azerite gear and saying that I should respec the azerite traits for feral, and to also re-enchant my rings/weapon for damage enchants.

Is there any way to have Mr.Robot take into consideration that I need my tanking gear to be static and to only use gear that either overlaps well (without the need of changing enchants) or to otherwise use unused gear in my bank/bags?

To the left of the BiB ‘results’ is a spec. priority list… set Guardian as the top of the list (highest priority) and Feral under that; if you only want those two, don’t add/use any more to the list.