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Hey !

I was looking into the guides and the Essences section.
And i asked my self:
How can i performed in most of the case without tring to be the “best”?

Here is how i see it and i’m asking to see if you could validate my theory ?

So i’ve set the two “rank treshold” to 1% and 2% to be the “best possible”.
If i look into the number on the side of the talent and the essences (here in red)

For the first row:

  • For the first row:
    • Torent : have 3 setup where it’s used and in the 1% threshold
    • Undulation have 11 setup where it’s used and in the 1% threshold
    • Unleah Life have 2 setup where it’s used and … etc…

So if i want to be efficient in most case, i should go with the biggest green number.
Echo of the Elements
Cloudburst Totem
High Tide

Is this a good way to get a good “potential” ?
Because before i was more like : “Okay the green bar is here take it” or “The biggest bar is here so take it”

After that i discover maybe a thing i need to verify :
Does Unleash Life can proc the “Vision of Perfection” ?
it’s seems if i take this talent, Vision of Perfection is less well ranked and maybe it’s simply because it doesn’t proc using Unleash Life ?

Thank in advance for that !

The length of the bar is the potential for that talent.

The ones that have a bigger green number by them show up in more highly ranked builds, so think of those as more flexible choices.

Unleash Life does proc vision, but vision is a low rppm, so it doesn’t really matter. As long as you cast a few spells every minute, you will get the same number of procs.

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