Guild Signup Not Working

I just purchased a guild subscription and when I try and fill out the fields to define the guild, i get a large popup with what looks like error code or unfinished code, and it won’t let me complete the guild signup.

I am really sorry about that! I just purchased a guild sub and it worked for me - I was able to set it up.

One thing I ran into: my first character wasn’t found (I setup a faction change, but haven’t done it yet). I got a message that said the character wasn’t found (which is true). I refilled out the fields and the ‘save changes’ button didn’t light up (I had to refresh the page).

Yellowfive, our developer, is fixing that right now.

Can you post a screenshot of what that popup looks like? Was your character recently changed in any way (faction, race, boosted, etc) - the armory often lags on those kinds of updates.

I think that I know the issue – it’s a problem with loading characters from the armory who have azerite powers. I’m posting a fix for that shortly, should resolve the issue. In the meantime, you could try using one of your characters that doesn’t have any azerite powers yet, then change your character later after we post the fix.

I just posted an update that should fix this issue.