Guild subscription

Wanting to setup a guild sub, does the fee include wotlkc or would each member need to pay the $10 one time fee?

Hey, I’d hold off on making a guild sub for wotlk. Guild subs are pretty rare, and we need to update some of the code to make it totally work for wotlk.

To answer you main question, yes, each person would need to buy the $10 upgrade and then you could share the premium sub via the guild subscription. You might run into problems adding your guild members if they are classic-only players, because right now we use an armory look-up, which is only available for retail characters.

Glad I saw this post, since we were just about to pull the trigger on a guild subscription for our Classic guild. Any chance you guys would consider doing a WotLK-only guild subscription? I’ve been using AMR since Vanilla Classic and for the first time, my team has leadership actually willing to consider rolling it out as a raid-wide resource. I’ll be honest, hearing each player would then need to pay $ on top is a dealbreaker, especially since 99% of our players don’t even touch Retail (myself included).