Guild team optimizer issue

hello my guild leader paid for a month and had 2 weeks left she canceled the subscription and that booted all of the guild members off and turned her account to a personal one was this supposed to happen ? because it told us we could be able to continue to use the services until our subscription time was over

When a guild subscription is cancelled, it does convert to a personal subscription for the guild owner that lasts until the end of the period. It would be nice though to generate separate personal subscriptions for each member at the time of cancel that last until the end of the billing period – we’ll put that on the list for a future update.

In the meantime, if your guild leader would like, she can contact us via our contact form (Contact link near top-right of most web pages), and we’d be happy to refund the unused time on the last month’s billing period. Tell her to reference this forum post, or describe the issue in detail in her email.