Hand of Justice not correctly calculating the extra attack proc

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It looks like Hand of Justice is only having it’s 22 attack power value calculated when looking for upgrades and best in bags. When checking the optional side-grade pop-out window it has Counterattack Lodestone (20 attack power) trinket as a similar upgrade compared to HoJ which is 22 attack power, and 2% chance to strike an additional hit. This additional hit also procs on special attacks such as Maul, and we’re not sure if it’s also working correctly for warrior either.

Edit: This seems to most obviously be incorrect for druid but I think warrior and rogue should also be investigated.

Yeah, I do a fairly simple calculation for the DPS of bear druids. I don’t have the extra attack from HoJ included in there - I can add it in for completeness.

I do have it included in the calculation for all the DPS specs and warriors.

Would love to see that added. Great tool! Really thrilled.