Handling multiple, vastly different gearing strats

As a resto druid, I have been looking around and found that for mythics, I am going to want a lot of mastery. For raids, I am going to want a lot of int. Unfortunately the addon and website don’t seem to handle multiple strategies for a single spec. I am curious how people handle this kind of thing?

I use AdiBags and some plugins that put my gear sets into different bags. Right now the website doesn’t seem to have a raid strategy for resto, but I plan on trying to add my own. But even after all that, it seems like I’ll be manually managing another gear set for raids, which is a little bit of a pain. Just curious if anyone has a clean workflow for this.


We’ll have a raid strat for healers within the next 12 hours (targeting sooner if it all works!).

As for multiple gear sets for the same spec, we have a feature for that, which we will be working on starting tomorrow. It will take a bit of time because we have to do some UI and Addon work for it as well.

In the meantime, I don’t use any gear management addons, but save different equipment sets instead. So someone else might have better addon suggestions that I do.

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Awesome, on both accounts. :slight_smile: Yeah I would imagine multiple strats for the same spec will take some time to hone, but I do appreciate that you’re looking into it. Looking forward to the raid healing as well! Thanks to you and the team for everything!

I’m a monk and play all spec. All spec have at least 2 sub gearing.
When i want to update all of them i simply set every 3 specs into the one i will save using the gear manager in game.
for example :
Heal : MM+
DPS : Multi-target
Tank : Raid
Then i export the string and go in each spec and save the gear into another gear manager.
Then i go on the site put every other gear i need (Raid for heal, single target for dps and MM+ for tank). I export the string and that’s all (having the default AMR addons’s gear manager).

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Thanks so much! This was basically what I was thinking. It’s a bit cumbersome for a filthy casual like myself. :stuck_out_tongue: But for now, I think I can do this for my resto spec, which is the one I actually plan on raiding and mythic healing with, and keep my tank spec set for doing world stuff.

Really appreciate the response. :slight_smile:

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