Haste softcap Boomkins WOTLK

from Wowhead:

“The Haste “soft cap” is 585 because at this value Wrath will be reduced to the 1 second global cooldown when talented into Nature’s Grace. This value does not include other sources. If you have access to Wrath of Air Totem from a Shaman, then you’ll only need 401 Haste to reach this soft cap.”

Is this taken into account in the AMR simmulation? Was looking at the template bis p3 boomkin, and it stacks a whopping 692 haste


Yes, we take that into account. It is a soft cap, where haste loses some value. It is not a hard cap, where haste loses all value. You can see the optimizer isn’t necessarily trying specifically to get more haste - all the gems are spell power, for instance. Nature’s Grace doesn’t affect every single cast of wrath, either. By the logic of this “soft cap” - you’d need another soft cap for when bloodlust is up. We take it all into account when picking gear.

A lot of times, the itemization available ends up affecting the gear chosen. To get less haste, you might have to use gear that has less of other stats that are more valuable.