Have three legendaries, Activate xx Spec and Equip Gear can't handle it

When I obtained my third legendary, AMR BiB decided to change which two I should equip for my main spec. For one of my off specs, it likes a different pair so it looks like I need to keep all three in my bags.

Activate xx Spec and Equip Gear is trying to equip the third legendary before removing the second so I get an error that I can only equip two. It needs to be made smarter so that it does remove before equip for legendaries.

Anvilmar-Aiggan is the character in question.

Sometimes it will give that message, but then continue to equip gear – there is a bunch of code to deal with it specifically. I have 3 legendaries and when it wants to change from one to the other I haven’t had any problems.

Usually when it gets stuck and won’t equip gear, it is because I have something that isn’t bound to me yet, or that is still tradeable from a recent raid – it can’t (and won’t) automatically bypass the confirmation that you want to permanently bind such an item to yourself. Could that have been happening to you?