Having a hard time figuring out the new layout

Where’s the button to load my gear from the WoW Armory? This new layout is very confusing because it doesn’t explain all the things it does automatically now.

  1. Press on your character name or “Import from addon” button.
  2. Fill in the “Armory or Log” area.

If it’s the first time you arrive on the site so will a short guide be displayed, and then only this page. Fill out the armory section on the right.

Thanks. So every time I want to load updates from the Armory I have to open the “Armory or Log” window and fill in my toon name and press [Import] correct?

Correct. You can also use the addon, which then also grabs all of your gear (helps for BiS)

Wonderful, thanks for the info. Think I got it figured out now…except the website is down at the moment lol.