Havoc Memebeam BiB and Sims

I have tried the search function and was unable to find anything on this topic already, but currently I am running AMR’s simulator for gearing strategies regarding the memebeam spec. Even after running the simulation and using the custom gearing strategy, BiB suggests removing Raddon’s for Delusion and replacing my 890 Arcanocrystal for an 860 Convergence. Does AMR not support the membeam playstyle? Just curious.

We do support it.

Regarding the legendary, does the simulated dps go down substantially when you make the proposed change? If so, one thing to keep in mind is that legendary items are integral to the setup for any gearing strategy you run. You might need to lock in the legendary items you used to create the strategy before you run bib. Our new default gearing strategies we are working on can help with this, but they are still being worked on and will be made for 7.2.5.

For the trinket, convergence of fates can be very strong depending on the fight length. Your gearing strategy was probably made with a fight length where you can get an extra use of meta, making it very powerful. If you don’t want to use it, you can change the fight length or increase the fight length variance on your sims.