Healer DPS strategy for M+

Raidbots is able to run healer gear for DPS but I prefer the straightforward ui of AMR. Not to mention your system allows for a much larger sim overall when you consider iterations.

But I have to sim my high key healers on raidbots because I can’t get a best DPS sim for M+ healing which is a very high consideration for most high key healers. Sometimes I don’t want straight healing throughput, I want to sacrifice healing for dmg…maybe as much damage as I can get.

I would love to see a TOP DPS slider like the tanks have for healers since M+ healing damage is becoming a bigger and bigger part of healer gearing.

Thanks for all you guys do!

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Yeah, that would be cool. The tough question I have there is: how much healing should you still have to do in that simulation? And, in what pattern should that healing occur? (a few big spikes, constant healing, etc)

I feel like for that simulation to be truly useful, you’d want to script a specific mythic+ path/encounter.

simc doesn’t actually sim healing, so I assume it’s just doing a pure dps simulation. We could potentially do that: just a pure damage gearing strategy for heal specs and then you gear for damage, assuming you’ll be fine for healing in that gear.

Yes I would be fine healing in that gear. That is precisely what I am asking for. When I look at the other top .IO guys all of them are running big keys with dps trinkets, traits, essences etc. Even DPS corruption now like infinite stars and such. If we had a pure max DPS gearing strategy I would totally use it and then heal out of that. I think that’s what a lot of top M+ healers are already doing!

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Is there any Information on whether/when this will be done? A pure DPS sim would already be very helpful if this sliderthingy you have for tanks isnt as easy to realize for healers!

We’re definitely going to add in something for DPS for healers in the shadowlands version of the site. I’m not sure if we’ll get it into the BfA version or not - we’re starting to shift new feature development towards the next xpac.

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Yeah if I’m reading the first datamine data correctly, lots of healer will go with a DPS kind of stuff.
Mistweaver will have a fist weaving build
Paladin get Glimmer

Most of the covenant abilities are dps OR heal oriented.
So see could be really cool.

I second this. I really miss a dps gear check for healers. I’m more often then not trying to optimize my gear for max possible dps as healer now.

Yeah, we’ll do something for this in shadowlands… I’m really unhappy that they’ve moved this direction. Doing damage when I’m playing a healer is so unsatisfying and just… not what I want to be doing. But so it is.

Agree with you swol but i have to say, as a healer, when you discover the MM+ or the bosses and you have the feeling to carry (more likely to repair mistakes) the group is nice but you have this feeling once and after that you just are in farming mode and thats kind of sad :’(

In my opinion, if healer DPS is going to be important - they should design an engaging DPS experience for all the healer specs. Otherwise it will always feel tacked-on and boring.

I’d much rather the ability to “support” my team in some way by buffing the damage of the real DPS specs.

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I loved MMOs where buffing was a thing (Bard in FFXI). Was more engaging and rewarding than I feel DPSing as a Healer is. FFXIV was bad for that. You literally needed your healers to push as much DPS as they could to kill Endgame bosses. I wish WoW would shy away from that, but it seems to be the more popular way to go in MMOs anymore. Eliminate the Healer and just have everybody self-sustain.

The trouble with building interesting DPS rotations for healers is it being beyond so many of the players.
I’m sure we’ve all played (still play?) with people who struggle with simple DPS classes, if that type of player is your healer the dungeon is going to suck. They either not do enough DPS, concentrate so much on DPS they forget to heal or struggle to swap to healing when it’s needed.

Blizzard doesn’t seem interested in teaching people how to play better, they just keep simplifying things so nobody is left out.

I’ve not done any math on it but if Smite triggered Serendipity, like Binding Heal does, would a Holy priest get shunned less in M+?
It might need to reduce the CD more than Binding Heal to be “good enough” for people to consider them, if they did make that change it would be pretty boring for a good player but might be simple enough for the average WoW player to handle.

I think this all plays into a fundamental design problem with healers in this mmo-style game.

There is a finite amount of healing needed for any given encounter - getting more and more gear eventually leaves you in a state where people don’t need you to heal them as often because you can heal them up with less heals (and they take less damage too as they get better).

So, healers are twiddling their thumbs for parts of the fight and don’t need all of their mana.

I’d like to see a way for healers to spend that mana on support spells that give damage buffs that can be timed up with the fight and the DPS specs in their group - that could come in the form of a debuff on the target, a buff to your allies, etc. Smite spam will always be boring. And I agree that a full-on DPS rotation living alongside the healing responsibilities is going to be too much for most players and just not fun for a lot more.

It seems like blizzard’s general take on this is that you don’t need your healers to DPS for most content. This is only really a thing for people pushing high mythic+ and they’re fine with it how it is. It’s probably not worth their development time to figure out something more engaging for the 2% of the healers in the game who really need to do this.

Well in the middle m+ keys there is still a trade-off - you may allow your dps to stand in a fire more doing more damage instead doing your own dps. But for highest keys where is everything is litterally oneshots you - the only option to dps, because you can’t heal it anyway.
And this is the worst part on infinite scaling

Let’s also not forget, the more people play, the more experience they get. And although the learning curve is longer or smaller on a player per player basis, we do all get better, eventually.
I run with a 4 man group, where we take a 5th based on who of our raid team needs upgrades or help getting their key done. Recently, we timed our first 17 (This is, for me, the best season I ever had! First time ever to go above 2k RIO score ^^). And my group became so efficient at stepping out of stuff, that I threw a total of 27 panic heals. The rest was all Regrowth, which I can cast from my Moonkin form, the DPS I specced for. There are even fights when I get so many Twilight Devastation procs I am top DPS. So my group clearly sees the power in moving out, so I can keep DPSing.

It’s fun for me now, because I can tease my friends that they are bad DPS as they get out DPSed by a healer :stuck_out_tongue: But this fun is going to diminish very quickly, somewhere soon.

I would as well LOVE to see a way where I can buff the DPS by some way of burning mana.

Disc priests used to have a shielding spell (before the spec got destoryed, IMHO), that they could recast over and over again for more and more shields. Something like that for bonus damage on an attack or spell and a minor AoE version of it.
That would be a lot more fun and engaging then using stamina food and flask, just so my TDs hit like a truck and I fart out 120-140k DPS if I get lucky procs on an AoE pack xD

Even at that point, if it’s your TD doing all the dmg, you just need to spec Guardian and sit in that form for bigger TD lol. Which is a problem related to corruption as a whole.