Healer DPS strategy for M+

Raidbots is able to run healer gear for DPS but I prefer the straightforward ui of AMR. Not to mention your system allows for a much larger sim overall when you consider iterations.

But I have to sim my high key healers on raidbots because I can’t get a best DPS sim for M+ healing which is a very high consideration for most high key healers. Sometimes I don’t want straight healing throughput, I want to sacrifice healing for dmg…maybe as much damage as I can get.

I would love to see a TOP DPS slider like the tanks have for healers since M+ healing damage is becoming a bigger and bigger part of healer gearing.

Thanks for all you guys do!

Yeah, that would be cool. The tough question I have there is: how much healing should you still have to do in that simulation? And, in what pattern should that healing occur? (a few big spikes, constant healing, etc)

I feel like for that simulation to be truly useful, you’d want to script a specific mythic+ path/encounter.

simc doesn’t actually sim healing, so I assume it’s just doing a pure dps simulation. We could potentially do that: just a pure damage gearing strategy for heal specs and then you gear for damage, assuming you’ll be fine for healing in that gear.

Yes I would be fine healing in that gear. That is precisely what I am asking for. When I look at the other top .IO guys all of them are running big keys with dps trinkets, traits, essences etc. Even DPS corruption now like infinite stars and such. If we had a pure max DPS gearing strategy I would totally use it and then heal out of that. I think that’s what a lot of top M+ healers are already doing!