Healer Sim Questions

I was using a guild mate to test out the new healer sims and i have a couple questions. https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/e33826da2c35459ca2e5354cf055e35b

1: Why does it not show an ability breakdown?

2: That ally death number is really high. Are the other healers in the group simed properly? The ilv of the healer in question should be more than enough for a normal raid. Or does the sim assume heroic and i need to use a negative damage modifier?

You need to set the Report Type to Report or Log in the very last section of setting the simulation up.

The deaths will be high as the damage numbers are tuned for heroic and nobody has heroic gear yet.
You can tweak how much damage there is with the NPC Damage Multiplier, both negative and positive. This one is at -25%

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