Healer's azerite traits

I’d like to know if there is a way to select which Azerite trait to prioritize for gear.
As a healer, the azerite traits change and depend on the playstyle of the healer.

For example, when using the Mythic+ gearing strategy for Mistweaver, it assumes that i’m playing “Tanky Sitting” and gives me “Overflowing Mists” x3 as the best choice.

In actuality, i play Kickweaving, where i rarely use “Enveloping Mists” in any generic encounter, which makes it near-worthless for me.

Is there a way to select a priority list for traits i want to use?
If there is not at the moment, being able to select which azerite traits i prefer would be a great addition to the system as far as customization goes.

You can lock specific azerite powers onto your items to customize it. After running best in bags, click on any of the azerite powers in the solution to see the available options. Then if you click on any power in that window (even one already equipped), it will lock it in place (you’ll see an orange lock icon show up next to the azerite powers in your gear table).

Press re-optimize, and it will optimize around your custom choices.

Thank you for the reply,

I did already know that, but it will only lock it to that item, which does not help me in this case.

Instead of locking the traits of an item, i’m looking to choose which traits to prioritize when calculating Best in Bags, Upgrade finder and Best in slot.

For example, if i run a Best in Slot query, it will give me a list of chest,head and soulder which all have a scecific trait (Overflowing Mist), which i assume sims higher than the rest, but with my playstyle, is actually worthless.

As to a feature request, i’d like there to be an option to choose which traits i want, then sim the results based on those choices.

Thank you

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If you are going for specific azerite powers, you can also lock in the item itself, not a perfect solution, but can get you part of the way there.

You could also try creating a tweaked healing rotation in the simulator that doesn’t use the spells you don’t often use, and then create a gearing strategy based on that… that’s really the best way to create a custom result, albeit a bit more involved. The advantage is that the simulator will in theory adjust to that different play style and rank everything accordingly. The disadvantage is you have to set it up.

That’s the double-edged sword of making the rankings based more closely on actual simulation data… it’s a bit trickier to impose restrictions on it that don’t match the simulations. We are keeping track of some requests people have made to target specific azerite traits, we may add some more options.

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