Healer's DPS - Is AMR ready?

Hi !

This is kind of a features request in addition to the custom azerith you’ve made (It’s work well !)

I would like something to understand and play with Healer’s DPS.
How far are ‘we’ (You ? AMR ?) to simulate healer DPS ?
The answers is morelikely a feeling than real time gate.

This thinking comes from the fact that Paladin, Discipline and soon monk will have the kind of “DPS rotation” inside the HPS healer.Even Rshaman have a DPS pretty insane currently and i would like to optimise for it.

Blizzard could push a bit more in the direction of those DPS/Healer combine.

P.S: Mistweaver will change their gameplay and go fistweaving, i call it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for you time ! =D

I have all the damage spells for healers implemented. You could create a rotation and simulate healer DPS right now!

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That nice !
What about gearing strategies ?
I can’t do it solo for this part :stuck_out_tongue: i would need to do combinaison maybe :thinking:

I think maybe some Azerith trait from the windwalker that need to be re-used in the mistweaver spec.

I’m thinking about :

  • Glory of the Dawn
  • Pressure Point (even so i think it is bad)
  • Sunrise Technique

I dont seem to be able to simulate DPS comming from those Azerith.

8.3 changes version of the simulator

Without windwalker Azerith
With Windwalker Azerith

Live version of the simulator

With Windwalker azerith
Without windwalker Azerith

I’m pretty sur Glory of the Dawn works
I’m not sure about Sunrise Technique
But if Logs are good enough well :

I can’t test it today, but maybe tomorrow if you want one more confirmation.

Yeah, a few of the windwalker traits probably aren’t set to apply to mistweaver. That’s a pretty easy change.

For something like this, I’d probably say we’d make the customize feature able to pick all these traits, and then you could make your own custom gearing strategy based on simulation data you create for yourself.

Okay i got the idea.

Can i do it alone ? or is it on your part ?

Yeah, if you look at the azerite trait in the wiki you will see a field for which subspecs it affects. Just have to add mistweaver and then the simulator will load it for that spec.

Yeah i was meant to answers that but i’ve answers in the wrong post ! xD

edit i think i found a way by using the same thing as for “Light Degree” for HolyPaladin let’s see if it work

edit 2 it seems to have worked; pretty easy to do ! (Thanks to the intuitive Wiki AMR have !)

edit 3 let’s take multiple items and sims it to see if it’s change anything to the BIS.
Waiting for result : Not Available