Healing: how do I change raid size?

Looking at the details of the simulation, it assumes a large raid size. Is there a way to bring that down to 10-12 person raid size?

We don’t have a UI setting for that yet (although it’s on our list).

The way you would do it is to click the view/edit button next to the boss script you are running. Click the copy button in the toolbar at the top to make your own copy of the script. Then you will see an Edit button become available. There is a section in the script that defines how many allies of each type there are (tank,melee,ranged) and you can set those to what you desire.

Once you save it, remember to choose your custom version of the script when you run your simulation (you’ll have to reload the simulator page to make it show up the first time).

Thankyou - that seems to work much more in line with the results I’m seeing in actual raids

I configured it for 3 melee, 2 ranged, 2 healers, 2 tanks.

Previously, sim reported max HPS of 1.17M HPS, small-raid sim now reports 0.982. The new max HPS number is much more relatable to my usual logs; and I have actually seen numbers around 1.1M when doing larger PUG raids.

Changing the script this way has given me much more faith in the numbers that AMR reports.

Do you think you could consider adding a pre-canned adaptive gearing strategy based on this raid size?
I don’t know how many people raid in small 10-12 man raids, but I would’ve thought there’d be a fair few.

We’re talking a nearly 20% difference in overall reported max healing and I would think this must affect the gear recommendations.
I believe these sim numbers are why “Best in Bags” keeps telling me to use T20 4pc, even though I’d have to drop ilvl and T21 4pc to do that. I don’t have enough log data yet to back it up, but anecdotally T21 4pc feels much better than T20 in my raid size.


We may be able to make some adaptive strats for different raid sizes in the future. Making those is quite resource-intensive, though, so we have to keep the number we create limited to some degree.

First thing I want to do is make it easy to change the raid size right from the simulation UI.

I have not done much testing on changing raid size. I expect it would have some noticable effect on resto druid, increasing mastery value for instance, but overall I think the larger determination of power is in the pattern of incoming damage used by the simulations. I think what you may be seeing with the T20 suggestion is that the Raid Healing strategies are based on Krosus’s damage pattern (with the numbers scaled to be relevant). That fight involved heavy tank damage along with large, predictable bursts of raid damage. The rdruid T20 bonus is really good at those bursts that occur ~30s apart, so it is valued pretty highly on that damage pattern. Similarly, you are also likely to see the Dark Titan legendary belt ranked highly because of the high tank damage. I know on the list for the AMR team is to also incorporate another boss for a healing strategy, where some of these effects might be more or less powerful.

Seems you’re right.

I ran the gearing strategy simulation overnight; assuming I have it setup correctly, BiB is still suggesting T20 gear.