Healing simulations

Our healing simulator gets a full in-depth explanation: Healer simulations (Part 1) – Factors that need to be accounted for – Ask Mr. Robot

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I wanted to dig a little deeper on the examples of two styles of holy priest healing, to see if the results change as the difficulty of the fight is cranked up to where deaths are more likely than not(i.e. a progression environment), or if maybe the mix healing style performs better when talented differently. Is there an easy way to copy settings from a sim report to start a new one? I just see the re-run option, but no re-run with adjustments or copy settings or anything like that.

How is the range between the healer and the raid members simulated? This is important for the value of Mastery for Holy Paladins.

Even better would be a way to configure different ranges for the fight. E.g. one where the full raid is always close together, one where just half is close together (melee and ranged in separate groups) and one where everyone is spread.

edit: Ok, I found something in the raid healing script called grouping distance, distance to ranged healer and distance to melee healer. But the distance to ranged and melee healer seems to be always 5 yards for both melee and ranged allies. Is this by design?
Also, how does the script decide if the healer is melee or ranged?

Ladnil, we probably need to improve on that functionality a bit, now that I tried to do what you were doing. Anyway, here’s how to do it.

  1. Make a copy of that rotation, first. Click on the rotation in the report (or from the blog post). You’ll see an option at the top to make a copy, do that.
  2. Return to the report - click the re-run option and choose ‘save for later use.’
  3. Go to the simulator setup page. On the left, look for the white, vertical bar docked to the left of your browser. Expand that and look for the simulation history tab. The re-run option is there.
  4. In the sim setup process, go to step 4, and select the rotation that you copied.

That should do the trick. Let me know if any of those steps aren’t clear.

The grouping can be set in the script. Right now it is fixed for the whole simulation, but one of our first items to work on adding is more dynamic movement in healing simulations.

For the current raid healing script I have the whole raid grouped up because it is based off of the Vectus encounter, in which the raid will generally be grouped up. In Phase 2 people would spread out, but that can’t be done right now in the simulator (which is why I want to add it asap). But, the healing requirement in that phase is relatively low so it won’t impact results much for that script. I will be adding in the changing distance as soon as it is ready though, just to be thorough.