Heart of Azeroth - Can't exlude?

Hi, I noticed that the Heart of Azeroth can’t be excluded. Is this intentional - I am guessing because we have that extra secondary stat on it, the simulation looks better? Is it possible to exclude it?

I can look… might be a restriction from BfA that we forgot to remove (since you sort of had to have it equipped for stuff to work).

There shouldn’t be any reason to exclude it though – it’s just treated as an item with stats. It has a higher budget than other items of a similar item level.

Somewhat related (I always feel bad making new threads for some reason): is HOA really best in 01e1e48bcc8846e79ecfb372514d8987? Just feels weird walking into M+ wearing that.

Generally speaking, the Heart of Azeroth is quite strong because it does have three relatively high secondary stats.

In your situation, the HoA has 42 Crit, Haste, and Mastery vs. 105 Haste and 42 Mastery from your epic neck. Comparing that, there’s a difference of 42 Crit vs. 63 Haste for a “simple” question: What’s more important?
AMR seems to think those are practically identical, at least with your current stat distribution - the HoA shows a theoretical result of 0.01% more HPS, which is something you’ll never be able to notice while playing.

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I hear you, but something seems off. For instance, when I click that item slot, it shows Shiny Silver Necklace (0 stats) as only -1.58%. I get that gear is cumulative, but that seems shocking? And in a different configuration (01e1e48bcc8846e79ecfb372514d8987) it ranks the 0 stat neck above sin stained pendant (-.39% vs -.5%). I get that HOA and the pendant can be close, but how is a 0 stat neck above one with stats?

I don’t see the no-stat necklace ranked above any others for any of your setups with that snapshot…

Hmm, still showing that way for me:


Strange… not sure why I can’t reproduce that. Could you try re-importing your character, or changing any setting (e.g. Gem+Enchant Threshold is a pretty minor setting), and re-optimize? Does that re-rank the list?

Sometimes when we do strategy updates a cached version can get saved in your local profile until something forces an update.

Hmm, so I cleared all askmrrobot cookies & stie data from Chrome, re-imported from the game, and changed gem+enchant from .1 to .5%. It still shows the values listed above :confused: If I change from M+ to Raid healing, it does change the rank order. But M+, it’s putting the 0 stat neck above the statted neck. This is using v95 of the addon, as well.

Could you create a snapshot with the exact settings that are causing you to see that ranking? The snapshot that you posted has the strategy set to Raid Healing.

That’s the snapshot I got when I clicked “help” - even double checked the second time I posted. I have new gear so here’s a new snapshot ID: 505752a68a21452dbdb17066ef32c3b0. Now it ranks 0 stat a -.4% from HOA, and stat -.47

Thanks – I see it now. I’m not quite sure why it is doing that (it shouldn’t), so I’ll poke at it a bit today and try to get it fixed in the next site update.

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Has this been fixed? because it is showing that i should wear my heart of azeroth over a 161 neck, which seems wrong?

Depends on the specific case – there is a high probability that the heart of azeroth is actually better than your 161 neck though. If you want to post more details we can give a more detailed answer – press “help” next to the big “Best in Bags” section header, then press Create Support Post, and copy the snapshot ID here.


Yeah you’re right on the edge – Heart of Azeroth is still just as good or better than your necks. Once you get something a bit higher, maybe a 184, it will beat it.