Heirloom weapon; Spear of Rethu, not showing correct item level and stats in Best in Bags


The heirloom weapon Spear of Rethu is showing up as a level 1 item level with no secondary stats for Best in Bags. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It is working now; it looks like any non-upgraded heirlooms (I had several on low level Alts) were not showing up with an item level for AMR during export. Now that I have upgraded those heirlooms for use up to level 50, AMR Robot is seeing them with their correct item level, and adjusting “Best in Bags” accordingly.

Although I no longer need any assistance with this, if you decide to delve into why the non-upgraded heirlooms weren’t exporting with an item level and I can be of any assistance, please let me know.


Thanks for the report – sorry I got behind with the WotLK release today.

Heirlooms are kind of special… I wonder if a different piece of information needs to be read from the game to scale the lower level ones.

I am not seeing correct recommendations for heirlooms on a level 70-75 character, they only show as level 1

It’s still on my list to figure out heirlooms for WotLK. If you provide a snapshot I can use it as an additional test point when I am able to get to it.