Heirlooms & upgrade

Hi there

Situation: I got all the heirlooms there are in my bags on a low level character (think 80 or so). The robot suggests 6 particular heirloom items. Some of them are “0/4” upgraded. When I upgrade these items (to say 3/4) and go back to ask the robot to suggest items, these very gear items it advised before (when they where 0/4) are now NOT advised anymore.

How’s that even possible?

Robot prefers 0/4 heirloom above 3/4 items.

Did you re-import your data-string, after upgrading?

Another thing to bear in mind is that AMR’s core working is centred around L120 (or Classic L60) characters; they make no guarantees that a L80 - in your case - will get optimal recommendations… until whatever max. level afforded by the game is reached, a solid recommendation is to equip your highest viable iL pieces.

Yes, after a fresh import (I export after each and every drop: call me crazy but I feel more confident in the robot’s advice then in my own).

I appreciatie the “it’s for l120” and am not complaining :slight_smile: Just an observation that this seems a little odd.

If the iL is higher, the primary stat. will be higher, with a few exceptions on some items… Rings; lookin’ at you.

Honestly I wasn’t aware that the old “upgrade” system was still in use… I thought they had moved to using bonus IDs everywhere to describe items. We don’t really support that system anymore… I’ll see if we can add it in for shadowlands when we’re working on the new code.