Help : Best in bag not working

Dear AMR,

Firs time that I have issue with you (after several years with you) I can’t use the best in bag. Can you help me ?

Take care

Here ma support snapshot

Thanks for the report – looks like there is a bug in the implementation of one of the paladin talent changes in this patch. We’ll fix that in an update sometime today.

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I think this is related, but here is my version

Snapshot ID:


I think I have the same problem, here is my version

Snapshot ID:


We just posted an update a few minutes ago that should resolve this issue.

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Thanks guys for your support and your amazing job. I will test that tonight

I am having the same problem.

We will post an update this afternoon sometime that will fix this issue.

Hi! I’m getting a message ‘there was an error reading the provided addon data’. Is that what people are talking about here? Thanks.