Help understanding gear recommendations (Brewmaster)

Simply put, having perused both PeakofSerenity and Icy-Veins, I’ve come to a firm understanding that haste is my least valuable stat, whether I’m gearing defensively or offensively.

So I was a little surprised to see, all the way from 110 to 120 (I’m iLevel 403 atm), that the BiB has constantly recommended predominately haste gear to me, whether I’m set full offensive or full defensive.

This could be a result of my already meeting certain threshholds? I have 30% crit and 18% (I think) mastery, but it was surprising none-the-less.

So because I’m tempted not to trust it, I was hoping someone could lend some insight.


I’d have to see your exact case, usually I don’t see much haste recommended.

It’s not going to matter a lot either way for a brewmaster. For defense it doesn’t matter what stats you use because brewmasters basically can’t die. For offense haste is generally not quite as good as other stats, but the swing isn’t so dramatic that it will matter much. Unfortunately tank gearing is pretty uninteresting at the current point in the game.

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