Hey! Warrior Tank simulation

Hey all! have realized most of the prot wars are using HASTE - VERSATILY as top stats, without capping any of them, the more, the better, still simulator priorizes versatily, does not matter if the item has mastery, or crit, if it has versa, then its the ‘best in slot’ any idea if this is correct? seriously all prot warriors I checked up are getting full haste as a prior, then versa. Note: this for M+ simulations.

I would need more information from you - specifically what settings on the optimizer you are using. If you use the help link above the gear table you can generate a snapshot id to post here which lets us see what you are seeing.

In general, the gear that most people use is based more around maximizing DPS than toughness. And on top of that, it focuses a lot on maximizing burst DPS windows for large pulls. It is possible to set up the simulator to simulate that type of scenario, and then get some numbers to go behind that gearing strategy. Our defaults have to be more generic than that, though.