Higher Level Items

I have a few pieces of gear I cannot quite use, need 1 or 2 levels for them but the app keeps trying to equip them.

AMR team doesn’t provide a good gearing strat for item who aren’t level 120. So just equip the biggest you have and go on for the quest =D. Specially during xp, you probably need stamina more than agility for solo content.

I have a 103 Priest and AMR is recommending 110 gear I cannot equip. AMR used to work fine on lower level characters. Why favour 120 characters when many alts are out here who appreciate some stat suggestions and appropriate help from AMR. I’m not chasing the cutting edge just would like some quick and easy build that works. Thanks :slight_smile:

In theory we should have all the player level requirements on items. If there are specific items missing the requirement, let us know which items and we can take a look and see why that data wasn’t extracted.