Highest ilvl weapon should be in main hand

Currently, AMR is inconsistent which item should go in which spot. The general consensus is always to have the highest ilvl in the main hand because weapon damage still matter (a little).

For the purposes of toughness, it really doesn’t matter. There is no measurable difference.

For the purposes of damage, it is really small. In theory if your settings are such that you are passing your toughness threshold, it will use the DPS gain to put the higher weapon in your main hand. What settings are you using?

We could probably add a tweak when doing toughness-oriented gearing to swap the higher ilvl weapon into the main hand. Honestly… it might even be below the measurable margin of error for damage-oriented gearing too… I did a quick test with a vengeance DH and with two weapon 5 ilvls apart, tried both mh/oh configurations: I had to run down to a 0.05% margin of error to even get a statistically significant difference.

I understand from a toughness pov it doesn’t matter. But from a dps pov it will always be an increase to put the higher ilvl in the main hand even if it is “insignificant” so why not benefit from it.

I don’t know how the coding works, but I feel that swapping the items in game (and having to turn of auto swap on spec change) or locking the items on AMR is more of an effort then to add an extra tweak to always put the highest ilvl in the MH.

What settings are you using? Can you post your addon export so that I can try it as an example?

If you lower your toughness threshold, does it put the higher ilvl weapon in the main hand?

Gearing strategy: Raid Tanking LFR (1 nudge tot he right)

Gearing stategy: Raid Tanking All DPS (all the way to the left)

Gearing strategy: Raid Tanking Heroic

Gearing strategy: Raid Tanking Mythic

The full export:
68;EU;Shattered Hand;Mythriel;Element;1;2;120;34;13:122,15:130,12:1,8:150,2:150;2;.s1;4;1311221;.s2;5;1212322;.q1;157947s3b1562b3213b365b242a280380a-13443a1659a-4618e5888;128s2b-3846b3393b1b6;1050s13;162s15b-3374b3222b18b208x154128;13s9b-3443b3217b226;36s8b-4970b1502b3244b224;122s11b-3473b3249b223e54;177s17b-3467b3244b16b208x-420e20;475s16b-3458b3234b224e1;508s10b-3513b3286b16;4s6b-3292b3279b14;23s12b-3308b3294b13e-21;7s14b-3307b3294b13;1818s7b-3104;813s5b-133b3213b350b13b245a15603a-12644a-2975a16;152s1b-3821b3213b350b11b245a9253a-7051a2257a-4459;.q2;157881s1b1562b3213b361b245a288878a-24891a4450a-4459;61s5b-3819b3213b363b245a16451a-530a-11462a-4459;133s2b-3845b3391b1b6;231s6b-3389b3236b227;822s13;159s15b-3448b3222b18b208x154128;13s9b-3443b3217b226;158s12b-3473b3249b223e5942;177s17b-3467b3244b16b208x-420e20;475s16b-3458b3234b224e1;508s10b-3513b3286b16;34s14b-3307b3294b13;805s3b-3307b3283b11b334a9005a-8996a4450a-4459e-75;1011s8b-3420;2s7b-5;78s11b-168b3259b220e57;.inv;2319;3937;692;57;1165;8886;4821;10;1971;815b1707;225v120b-12b2145;6773;835;251;80;60;573;98;297;6;4686;4223;231;146;971;1455;7393;3;31;18073;551;3;483;868;1846;6221;5088;22975;1442;49;2;5804;4530;58v0b-2159b131;46v0b-124b124;282;2774;2;1;1;1;2;1;2;1;1;3;4;313;232;2;3158b-1093b776b2b0x155848y-4835z4835p1482p2046p82q-2063q1789q61r-1915r2046r82;5;877b-896b78b10;121b32b776b1b0x-3801y3799z-3815p-2123p2041p83q-2129q2046q82r-2123r2041r83;3620b313b1819x-21784e5427;1118;1;20;16;113;256b-171b171;2366;680b-1819b1819;16b-171b171x21333e0;28b-1819b1819;5b-171b171e456;19b-171b171;1b-171b171;551;0;493;313;31;9;366b-1819b1819x0e-456;95b-1819b1819;772b-246b1;225;246;1254;159;47;208;1;599;1201;188;443b74b171;2367;10b-1819b1819x0y4z-1;43;0;739;256;3859;1;1;71b-1819b1819x-3e0;14;0;145b-1819b1819;180b-2158b2056b82;117;1;1;22b-2138b2056b82;2b-2138b2056b82;1b-2138b2056b82;372;0;18;1;28;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;27;1;2;47b-151b171x0e0;5;7;30;353;29;1;1113;3;6b354b11;549;104v0b-2310b3111;1v0b-3118b3118;2v0b-3082b3082;52;3;1;12;1;1;939;31b-3254b3244b224;2009b-3448b3213b363b245a273236a-6300a1658a-4616;32b-3821b3576b245;3b-3821b3213b361b245a15603a-12645a1658a-4616;2b-3819b3213b365b242a9005a6943a-15964a16e461;30b-3820b3213b361b245a14515a-12313a2419a-4621;0b-3819b3224b613;2b-3837b3213b365b242a16402a-13443a1659a-4618e0;62b-3865b3268b605;344b-3853b3249b222;25;747;38v0b-3320b3108;140b-3299b3288b33b571;9b-3852b3246b224;18b-3510b3288b33b571;3b-3852b3249b222;3b-4968b1502b3244b224;8b-3473b3246b224;147v0b-3329b3118b6;1v0b-3096b3090;110v0b-3102b3102;49b-3254b3244b224;74b-4968b1510b3231b227;234;94;6;210b-3473b3249b16b207x2548e74;29;100;1;1;218b-3517b3294b13;1b-3307b3283b11b37a16577a-13618a1500a-4459;1b-3331b3283b11b37a16577a-13619a7408a-10366e-74;2b-3316b3279b14;1b-3308b3283b11b37a16577a-656a-15937a16;2b-3331b3294b13;18b-3302b3286b16;1b-4757b1450b3294b13;1b-3307b3294b13e54;1b-4759b1452b3294b13;1b-3302b3286b16e0;1b-3307b3294b13;4b-3307b3294b13;2b-3317b3301b15;39b-3306b3294b13e20;12;4;1;1;1;8b-3307b316b2976b14x0;9b-3306b3294b13;615;1116;0;1;6b-3106;2b10;46;27b-161b3244b224;409b-3488b3263;85;0;187;0;60b-3223b3224b339b273;0b-3836b3213b350b13b245a15603a-12644a-2975a16;0b-3821b3224b340b272;152b-3836b3213b350b11b245a9253a-7051a2257a-4459;2b-5339b1490b3254b16b322;0b-3562b3224b340;1b-3564b3224b340;1b-5083b1519b3224b340;2034b-3669b3329b338;0b-3667b3329b338;1b-3667b3329b338;1290b-3667b3329b338

Thanks – I can take a look. The optimizer is fairly complex, it’s not really set up to tack on arbitrary rules. It is based entirely on a statistical predictive model… so I’ll see if I can maybe nudge the numbers somewhere to get it out of margin of error for main hand vs. off hand weapon damage…

Off hands should remain off hands …
shield with better ilevel than weapons are set on main hand.
so when i try to input this setting on my caracter, there is an error.

Do you have an example where it is putting a shield in the main hand? This thread was specific to vengeance demon hunters.

The in game add on gets confused over what to do when I have two identically named weapons on my fdk. I watch the add on flip them back and forth blindingly fast as it activates and equips gear. Then I have to manually move the higher level item one on my Actual character sheet to the correct slot #16 and the lower ilvl one to slot #17, then add on settles down. It seems the add on is checking the name of the item first and popping it in, then choking when there are two of the same. The site does it correctly, just when auto equipping in game it has a fit, like it doesn’t know how to sort out the “If two exist:then higher ilvl to #16

It should see them as different items because they have different bonus IDs (which it checks). I’ll have to see if I can reproduce such a case on my character.

Hum… That an information i could use to reverse Engineer the work you do ! :3 Stell your secret and debging a new site ! MOUHAHAHA

Thank you for the reply! I am interested to know the outcome.