Hit chance for DW Fury warrior

In customize options can you add option to set max Melee hit? With current status of HS/Cleave “Not a Bug” we need only 9% for 300 WS and 6% for 305 WS like 2H with good gear.

“Whenever HS or Cleave is queued, then Off-Hand hit chance is the same like Main-Hand”

With very good gear we can cast HS/Cleave so often, that we can maintain that hit bonus for off-hand nearly all the time. Also for goldmaking/pvp i don’t need a lot of hit.

My calculations for warriors already include a fairly optimistic estimate for the heroic strike queuing which adjusts the hit chance of off hand auto attacks appropriately based on how many heroic strikes we project are possible with the given options.

The only limitation is that we don’t consider rage generated by taking damage for DPS calculations - if you can get a lot of extra rage to significantly increase your heroic strike use, then I could see hit being a bit less valuable than the optimizer considers.