Hit rating issue as a tank


So I have it set to do 8% hit as prot. So far so good it put me over the cap by a little. That was before I locked in accuracy. all of a sudden its a little bit more over, I assumed it would switch one of the 20 hit gems since I was adding 25 hit to weapon. Like without accuracy locked it doesn’t switch the gems, so I am at 8.08, it wants me to go with blade ward. My point is if I add 25 hit shouldnt it reduce the hit elsewhere instead of just putting me more over hit?

The optimizer is at 8.23% hit with your setup. There aren’t any good ways to get closer to 8% without going under, and you have explicitly forced it to make sure it is over 8%.

e.g. the smallest amount of hit on an epic gem is 10 hit rating, which is 0.3% hit. If you remove that… you’d be at 7.93%.

Is it possible with a whole bunch of shuffling around you could get a little closer and score a little higher? Maybe? But it would be insanely close. One way would be to… unlock that Accuracy enchant. Don’t like Blade Ward? Use Titanguard or Mongoose. The difference between these enchants is so small that it’s hard to get excited one way or the other.