Holy Legendary as Discipline Priest

For my Disc Priest “Best in Bags” suggests equipping “Flash Concentration” over “Sphere’s Harmony” (both 235 ilvl). I have no Holy setup nor any customizations done (resetted to defaul values).

ID: 2899d61b69ed4848bc7bdbf42636149c

Press that “Help” link you see in your screenshot and generate a snapshot id. Post that id here and we can take a look.

ok, I have added it
id: 2899d61b69ed4848bc7bdbf42636149c

Flash Concentration looks like a Priest Healing piece that only requires Holy spec. to be crafted… unless Flash Heal is not available to Disc. Priests.

The gain you get from Sphere’s Harmony is small. The difference in item level between flash concentration and your next best wrist item is enough to offset the gain from the legendary itself, on average.

In this case you could probably go ahead and lock in Sphere’s Harmony since the setups are close in value.

But, just to clarify, Flash Concentration is being evaluated on the stats only.