Holy Paladin BiB: Doesn't Offer Avenger's Might


Avenger’s Might is currently one of the strongest Azerite traits for Holy Paladins (after Glimmer of Light). It also appears to have a value of 0 in BiB setups; it doesn’t seem to think that Avenger’s Might provides any HPS at all when its effect is to provide large amounts of mastery for the entire duration of our biggest CD.

This probably wasn’t an issue before 8.3, since before this no Azerite piece contained Glimmer of Light and Avenger’s Might on different rows. Now, it’s on option on three different Azerite pieces, so supporting this would help AMR get closer to reality for Holy.

I thought I had that flagged as working for Holy, but I guess not. I’ll add it in the simulator and we can give it a rank.