Holy Paladin M+

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is:
System suggests to pick https://www.wowhead.com/spell=286231/lights-decree in Azerite Traits for holy paladin m+ default setup on shoulders. The question is why :slight_smile:

As many traits do, Light’s Decree has two independed parts:

  1. It does some damage when spending Holy Power during Avenging Wrath/Crusade.
  2. It increases the duration of Avenging Wrath by 5 seconds.

While the first part obviously only works for Retribution as the other specs don’t use Holy Power, the second part does indeed work for all specs. Increasing Avenging Wrath’s uptime is often worth it and using it on one item can be extremely strong especially when combined with the Sanctified Wrath talent and the Glimmer of Light trait.

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Addon’s export https://pastebin.com/C00Qinih

It picks it because having one Light’s Decree is very powerful for Holy Paladins.

You cannot select Lights Decree on the holy gear though…so why is it suggesting it?

There seems to be a lot of confusion over this…

If you switch to your Retribution spec in-game, you can activate Light’s Decree on the item. Then switch back to Holy spec.

thanks, just went to try that out and it worked