Holy Paladin Pre-T21 Raid Healing BiB using T19 over T20?

Seems like Adaptive Strategies Pre-T21 Raid Healing might be off as it’s recommending my T19 set over my T20. T19 doesn’t seem to help much in the way of raid healing and sims lower that my T20 items which is 7 item levels higher, so it’s not clear why it would best in bag suggest gear setup. Seems to be favoring Mastery over Crit as well? Am I missing something?

Based on what I know about paladins, at a glance, the 2 piece T19 is incredibly strong, so that might be why it’s favored. As a druid, I see my 890 T19 being very competitive with 930 T20 pieces, so it’s not unheard of. For healer sims, it’s also important to increase the Mythic+ level (under More Options) to the point where people in the raid actually start to die if you want to check the simulator’s recommendations (usually M+7-9 right now). Also, the healer strategies are currently based on Krosus, which is such a tank damage heavy fight that it’s possible that the LoD benefits of T20 just aren’t that beneficial relative to the largely single target/spot healing benefits of T19.

If you share your addon export string (from the in-game addon) that’s giving you these recommendations I can take a look, see what i can read into why you’re getting recommendations you might not be sure of.