Holy Paladin Simulator Update

Hiya, I’ve really been loving the customisation feature these past few months as it has really allowed me to get my Holy Paladin geared properly towards the glimmer build.

Today, out of interest to see if Mr Robot has learned how to sim glimmer properly I decided to remove my customisation options to see what it would suggest.

Although it correctly identified that Glimmer is the best trait it is insisting on stacking huge amounts of mastery which (i’m 99% percent) sure is objectively worse than both haste and crit. I have a feeling this is to do with the way that Holy Paladin mastery is simmed and expects people to be stacked way more than they would be in real life.

I understand that looking at top logs to compare to Mr Robot is sometimes frowned upon since it could be that just not enough pros are using the build which is why it isn’t seen up there but I suspect it could be valuable to have another look at how the HPallies get simmed since nobody anywhere is suggesting mastery stacking.

Thanks so much, until the glimmer situation came along I have always used the stats suggested by Mr Robot but now I feel I always have to customise everything for all specs in case Mr Robot is wrong again so it would be good to be able to put my mind to rest.

I’ve gone back and forth on this one. In general, paladins are looking to heal from melee range, and the simulator has them focusing more on healing melee while the other healers focus more on ranged.

Melee are usually pretty close together for most of a fight. I’m not really convinced the simulator is being that unrealistic. In some fights you would get less out of mastery than the ideal simulation, but the simulation shows us something really interesting: if you can position yourself close to the people you heal, mastery is a great stat.

I think crit is vastly over rated by the community for holy paladins. I’ve never been able to do any math or simulations showing it to be that great. Haste is good, if you were to move the paladin away from the people being healed in the simulation, I’m sure it would be favored more.

I’d say that you should make use of the customize feature to push the optimizer to the stats you prefer.

If I were playing a paladin, I would try really hard to stand close to people instead of ignoring my highest potential stat.

I am hoping to make some more improvements to healing simulations for next xpac - largely around movement. That could potentially even out my estimate of mastery’s value compared to the community.

I really think people are just under-utilizing the stat, though.

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I do actually like the logic so I think i’m going to try out a mastery build to see how it feels. The thing that i’m questioning is often the positioning is out of the paladins hands - since with the way ranged naturally position themselves at quite some distance from the boss heals on them get no value from mastery making it a dead stat.

It would be awesome if there was a toggle for two strategies, one where the pally gets more use out of its mastery and one where it doesnt, since then it would be easy to have two sets to swap between on a fight by fight basis.

Would be interesting to see actual fight data on positioning!

I thought i had it set up to where you could move the paladin to ranged if Crusader’s Might isn’t selected as a talent… but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll see if that’s something I can get functioning again. The script can also be modified to change the distance between players.