Holy Priest Best In bags

Have run the best in bags and have a few queries about the results, its wanting me to drop 10 Ilvs to increase my crit rating and to drop my mastery which according to theory crafting is meant to sit at 40% for mythic level raiding.
Link to my current BiS in bag string.
$50;US;Barthilas;Påndôrå;Against the Odds;1;2;110;13:13,11:130,3:796,14:51,12:37;2;.s1;22;;;;;.s2;23;3131312;834,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,497,34,189,1,1,78;1,1,1,1,4,1,1,3,4,4,4,1,4,4,4,4,1,1,4,1,1,1;140843b1502b3337b3444,136973b1537b3417b3528,137548b1522b1727b3336;.s3;24;2221211;764,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,568,34,269;1,1,1,3,1,1,1,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,1,1,1,1;143690b1512b3336b3473,139260b1492b1805b3336,140441b1637b3336b3428;.q2;128825s16b739x140843y-3870z575;3619s2b2720b71x-7326e5891;3s7b-1719b1644;1162s10b-1918b1879b112;787s8b-1956b1765b76;6s15b-1876b271b1608b112x-3e-455;2950s5b-2006b1815b78;180s12b-1873b266b1610b110;781s1b-2041b2029b12;2482s14b-2041b321b5b1703x3;8s13b-2034b1854b178;47s9b-3471b1444b2029b12;37s6b-2056b341b1701;10s11b-2027b1849b179e-7;1255s3b-2013b1834b78e13;.q3;128827s16b740x143690y-4430z1181;3617s2b2719b71x-10219e5891;3s7b-1719b1644;1511s17;468s1b-3412b1489b1804b77;63s12b-1871b1795b76;2863s5b-1891b1815b78;869s15b-1913b303b1532e-455;2574s14b-1850b321b5b1703x26;8s13b-2034b1854b178;82s8b-2042b2042b14;1s9b-2056b2042b14;1s6b-2056b341b1701;1s10b-2042b1864b107;9s11b-1956b1849b179;1255s3b-2013b1834b78e6;.r;_;.inv;785;1662;2;1;2;1;902;2;14;2847;730;11616;3313;9224;2369;1809;1622;2;5;1013;5090;145;1;191;8981;226;428;1;12920;1;4;6325;1;2;1;750;3073;2949;94;1409;8599;768;5688;8718;4710;80;42;1;5;1;1;2;3;5;488;69;867;685;312;1952;0;0;79;1920;545;1438;608;2846;366b605b902b167b1800;1326;1400;64;1;0;1;1;1;1;1;1;3;0;1;5;0;1;1;1;1;3;0;313;1;1;3396;0;0;5;7;68;389;0;375;148b-2734x143690y-4430z1181;462;458;181;2271;1;4;245b1071b1644x-10219e5429;1108;13;1;1;0;0;24;38b-1943b215b1610;132b-1830b1829b76;456b-1870b266b1607b113;197b-1986b1876b110;7b-3485b1489b1804b77;9b-1881b1883b113;54b-1986b1795b76e0;42b-1911b311b1599;9b-1875b1879b112;2229b-1991b1880b111;635b-1996b1883b113;126b-1991b1879b112;10b-2036b235b86;571;110b-311b303b1532e7;1b-1850b318;148b-1764b1416b2063;706b-2916b898b306b1528b96x-2;115b-1945b318;0b-333b335;131b-315b313b3b1528x28;14b-1879b1922;421b4b3;2b-3b2;3b-4b4;30;3;6;10;2;58;0;2;301;18;77;0;303;0;9;228b-1908b2038b13;39b-2046b1962b84;3b-2046b1962b84;1b-2041b326b1703;36b-2044b1864b107;6b-1941b1835b107e455;15b-1972b2042b14;364b-2006b1872b134;78;65b-2056b1994;18b-1994b1994;171;47;465;0;218;1737;398b-1939b1886b115;2297b-1986b282b1513;998b-1855b2046b44$

We are over-hauling the healing gearing strategies, since we made major improvements to the healing simulator a couple weeks ago. We’re going to calculate some 7.2.5 strategies in the next few days and we’ll see where those end up as far as desired stats.

For your particular case, the default gearing strategy right now puts an extremely low value on haste. So, it’s not really “trying to get crit” - it’s trying to get rid of Haste. The item level drop is also because Aluriel’s Mirror is a weak trinket, so your much lower ilvl stat stick is better.

With regards to this idea of 40% mastery… I don’t think there is anything magic about that number. Our new healing simulations can provide very realistic results. Here is a batch I did for your character with different stat combos:

As you can see - 10k mastery does well, but, more crit does even better. A lot of theorycrafters don’t like crit because of it’s “RNG” though.

I am sorry but you said"With regards to this idea of 40% mastery… I don’t think there is anything magic about that number." and EVERY priest guide, or strat voice says 40-45% you are the only one saying it isnt a big deal and well our healer is having an issue and when she started changing her stat priority to follow H2P she is doing better. I really enjoy using AMF ,but I do not think it is working well for holy priest

I know it can seem like ALL the guides say something different than AMR… but it’s not like there are actually multiple theorycrafters doing math and coming to the same conclusion. There is really just one person with an idea, based on anecdotal evidence and a spreadsheet, and then that is echoed by everyone else.

Then there is AMR. We are actually providing a new, data-driven source of theorycraft. We deal in averages, which is why we aren’t afraid to recommend higher crit builds.

If you friend who plays a priest is getting a few better parses with more mastery, that doesn’t really prove or disprove anything. If I knew what gear they had, what type of healers they were playing with, etc, we could set up a simulation to match their experience and test the stats.

The default weights are just for one type of fight, which really doesn’t favor mastery. Mastery is good on fights with consistent raid damage. The default is based on krosus, which has predictable raid damage events that get healed up in a short window. The value of mastery for holy changes drastically based on the fight type, which is why recommending 40% as “good in general” doesn’t make sense. That was all I was pointing out.

We are working on more healing scripts and will have more gearing strategies available for people in the coming weeks.

Ok I see your point. Thanks for the reply