Holy Priest - Gems

Hi there.
Noticed that Mr. Robot suggest now all mastery gems for me, what happened to the 1 piece of int gem? if i change it to int, it says mastery is a tiny bit better.
Do not need to be specific character, can load the holy priest template, all mastery gems. but if i try to export it to pawn, then in the string the int value is much higher than the mastery. so what is what now? shouldn’t then 40int>40mastery?

I am not very proficient using Mr. Robot, so may be user error :slight_smile:

It is all a balancing act. The optimization algorithm handles it for you. In reality, it doesn’t really much matter if you use a mastery gem or int gem, but the optimizer needs to pick something!

Allright, thank you for the reply :slight_smile: